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  1. DigitalH Administrator Site Founder

    Try this one: Atoto A6 Pro or a Joying (make sure you have an installed sub)

    You'll need:

    -18gauge butt connectors and crimping tool (OR Solder iron and solder wire)
    -18gauge heat shrink tubes
    -PAC audio rp4-hd11 (for SWC to work and retain IMID functionalities)
    -Metra 40-HD11 OR Scosche HAA2B Antenna Adapter (for Radio functionality)
    -Scosche HA1714B Dash Kit (for your Dash trim)
    -long Philips screw driver


    1. ATOTO SA 102 (Basic android auto version)
    2. PAC audio rp4-hd11 (Harness and SWC)
    3. Scosche HA1714B (Dash Kit)
    4. Maestro Acc-USB-TO2 (To use factory USB port)
  2. CoreXP Newbie

    Thanks for this info looking into it now.
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