The Best Drip Coffee Permanent Filter

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Isn't good to save money on paper filters, and get back those precious coffee oils that paper filters retain? Use a top notch permanent filter that gives you back the oils, and provides you the full bodied quality coffee characteristics in the cup, and SAVE money in the long run, too; here's a few Permanent filters that's recommended by coffee aficionados around the World; one is the 'Clamshell' shaped filter called the ' Cores Gold Coffee Filter:

1. Cores Gold Coffee Filter
This Japanese designed coffee filter is coated in 24K Gold plate with no after taste or chemical reaction/oxidization, just clean filtered brewing with a uniquely designed even longitudinal slit mesh for a smoother extraction and a shorter brew time, and very little sludge! Price around £20 plus postage, and should include a filter stand!

next is the:

2. Able Brewing GOLD Kone Coffee Filter
This is an 18K Gold plated Permanent filter with a different square-to-round hole design than the above mentioned, and expensive, too! It performs better with an even water flow through the grounds for a better extraction and leading to a more consistent cup of joe! Price is around £85

3. Cilio Gold Permanent Filter
Similar to the Cores filter including design mesh, and made with 24K Gold plate!

4. Moccamaster Gold Permanent Filter
This Swissgold 23K gold plated filter No.4 was developed with the Moccamaster filter holder design in mind, but will fit most other coffee filter machines with similar filter holder design with the long bottomed middle groove! This filter is made completely of gold plated mesh, with no plastic edging like the above mentioned! Price is around £30

then the others:

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or flat edged bottomed flexible filter:

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All the above require the correct Grind/particle size, and not on the espresso/fine grind end, so experiment slightly to the coarse side!

Please note that the permanent filter does not take Cafestol out of the coffee like paper filters do. Cafesol increases Cholesterol levels!
Oct 28, 2020
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