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Credit: Behmor Inc.

Did you know that if you Press ā€œCā€ when you are even close to the time window of the unattended safety feature, it by-passes it?

In cases I prefer to roast 12 ounces/ 336 grams as the ideal batch size for 4 days worth of coffee.
In those cases, I hit "C" with about 4:45-5:30 left on the timer and it jumps to 3:10, thus bypasses the unattended safety feature
=] because this tells us you are there and you are actively interfacing with your roaster- which is our goal!

Another handy use of the ā€œCā€ Button, is in low voltage situations, you can press it numerous times towards the end of the roast, extending available roast times
Oct 21, 2020
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